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more from jakarta. >> a factory. a producer of children's clothing is moving its production to china. more than 200 workers have been sent home with severance pay. >> for the garment industry, as our cause is very high. ground 30%. the minimum wage goes up by 50%, like in jakarta, our salary will be 45% up a total cost. this is dangerous because we are competing with cheap imports from china. >> this is not what you expect to see in a booming economy, a factory closing down and moving its production abroad. employers are complaining that higher labor costs will lead to higher unemployment. indonesia's's economy is growing more than 6%. labor unions demand a fair share for their workers. after a crowded and sometimes violent protests, local governments decided to raise the menem wage by 40%. at the end of january, many workers began receiving a higher salary of around 200 u.s. dollars per month. still not enough to afford proper housing. others have yet to receive a raise because employers are still negotiating with the government, like these metal workers. >> we need a proper life. t
flights have been canceled. airports are warning passengers to expect more. china's move to crackdown on tibetan protesters -- it has detained seven -- 70 people. nearly 100 people have burned themselves since 2009 in protest against the government in beijing. we have more from hong kong. >> of the 70 people who have been detained, 12 have been formally arrested and are likely to be charged with intentional murder. that crime, under chinese law, usually merits ascendance of 3 and 10 years in prison. last week, two people were convicted of such a crime. one of them got 10 years in jail. the other received a suspended death sentence. it was rather extreme and extraordinary. on the same day, six other people were also convicted for their role in supporting self immolation ask -- acts in tibet. the chinese government is trying to discourage this by saying that these people are breaking the law. in the same vein, the chinese authorities hope that this is legitimizing their behavior when it comes to cracking down on protesters in tibet. >> tibet has called china -- japan has called china's
. the wall street journal also reported a china-based hacking attack. china denies this and questions the validity of this latest report. a senior security adviser joins us via skype. how can people be so sure that these cyber attacks are emanating from china? >> attribution in cyber attacks is always a complex matter and certainly not enough to attribute an attack based on just knowing geographically where network traffic originates from. one of the things they detailed in the last report is the attacks originating from china make use of multiple hops in between the attacker end the victim. that kind of technology can make it very difficult to directly attributed attacks. it's easy to appear to be coming from any country on the slopes. other evidence excited in the report is more in terms of how software is written, what kind of language is used, is its expressively native english or is it a non-native english person who wrote the command sets. >> is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? here we have people accusing china of cyber warfare or espionage. surely the western p
it was targeted last month in a sophisticated attack, identified as coming from china. the firm also says it failed to compromise you their data -- compromise user data. .he story made front-page news the cyber attack on apple comes within hours of a report by u.s. company -- by a u.s. company that points out -- points a finger at china. this is allegedly the building in shanghai that is believed to be at the center of the global hacking operation. the office is said to be occupied by a chinese military unit. the chinese government denies the accusations. experts say hacking is a way of gaining an advantage over countries that the chinese art keen to try -- are keen to try to outsmart. >> stealing valuable intellectual property, having some financial, proprietary information -- , in lash out politically some instances. >> the real worry is that the hackers turn your attention to delicate infrastructure, like oil refineries and power stations. online corporate security will need to be beefed-up even further if company files and customer safety are to be preserved. china's incoming presiden
." these are the days -- hello, welcome to "aljazeera live." china takes its first steps towards ending the illegal detention. standard and poor's is being sued by the u.s. government. some say that it is about time. abuse and injustice, the scandal of false adoption for unmarried mothers in ireland. the president of iran has arrived in cairo. it is the first time an iranian head of government has visited egypt since the iranian revolution in 1959. he got a grand reception but back home he has been dealt a big blow. one of his closest allies has been arrested. thought to be the latest in the approach between the president and his approach -- his opponent. more from cairo in a moment. >> the judiciary has not yet said what they have arrested him. one official report said that he was arrested for illegal possession of government property as the head of the social security network. ahmadinejad promoted him cheat -- two years after he was suspended as the prosecutor general. he is charged with the torture and death of protesters following the 2009 election. that prison has since been closed. back in 20
. strongelieved the yen's performance and a diplomatic dispute with china contributed to the figures. japan says it has the right to arm itself -- to strike against any threat. but japanese defense minister made the comments after north korea conducted a third nuclear test. >> when an intention to attack japan is evident, the apprentice imminent and there are no other options, japan is allowed to carry out strikes against enemy targets. >> south korea has unveiled a new cruise missile capable of hitting targets in north korea. the missile can be fired from a warship or submarine. two days ago, north korea conducted a third nuclear test. >> the cruise missile is an extremely accurate weapon that can give precise targets such as the north korean command office or anywhere in or prevented. it is extremely destructive and prayerful. -- and powerful. >> there's a joint military exercise of thailand. the u.s., south korea, japan, indonesia, and malaysia are taking part in the drill. myanmar is taking part in this first joint military drill in thailand but only as an observer. the exercise is aimed at
the world? tax officials from australia, britain, and china analyze complex schemes to reduce company tax burdens. this one leaves from england to australia, taking advantage of tax havens along the way. the authority of tax officials often ends at the border. investigators request information from authorities and other countries, but it is often not enough. >> when you start looking at very complex affairs, then a simple letter is rarely sufficient to fully explore the issues. by working together, we are able to understand the cultural differences that exist between our different countries. >> in britain, u.s. coffeehouse starbucks sparked outrage when it was revealed the company paid very little tax in the u.k. its trick was to pay high licensing fees to reduce its corporate tax rate. activists say starbucks is no exception. >> there's a lot of online-based companies like amazon, google, facebook, that are avoiding tax, which is outrageous. >> apple, for example, has seen overseas earnings surged in recent years, but at the same time, the company has managed to reduce its foreign tax bu
and china on this. where is the dialogue going to come from? >> it is clear that there is no change from russia and china. i do not think we need to risk more lives. talking to the russians, they will not change their stance. they are still backing and supplying the assad regime with ammunition. yesterday, in my talks to some of the activists, the rebels, the fighters on the ground, they informed me that there is a new type of tool coming and being used by the army. they have never seen it before. it is clear that these kinds of tools like coming from russia, and we have many reports that the russians are still supplying. this is why we do not need to waste more time talking to the russians, or waiting for the security council. the syrian people are taking their own wars on their own shoulders. >> good to get your perspective on this. thanks very much. a british food processing firm has denied any illegal or immoral activities after being accused of moving profits out of zambia to reduce their tax bill. they are called zambia sugar. >> a highly successful business employing thousands of
of people is underway in china -- the world 's largest annual mass migration of people is underway in china. many of them are passing through beijing. it is the world's busiest train station. us police have charged an iraq war veteran with the murder of a former navy seal sniper. chris kyle was famous as a man whose shooting skills had saved lives. and a friend were found shot dead at a texas hunting club -- he and a friend were found shot dead at a texas hunting club. you met he shot dead at least 160 people -- >> he shot dead at least 160 people. >> every person i killed, they were actively trying to kill americans, allies, or civilians. >> he and his friend were shot dead. the man accused of killing him, had arrived at the shooting range with the victims. routh served with the koreans from 2006 to 2010 and was awarded several medals, including one for good conduct. >> around 5 p.m. -- 5:00 p.m., they came across the victims and saw they looked like they had been shot. they were not conscious. they called the lodge -- they went to the lodge and called 911. >> routh a be suffering psycholo
to advance a diplomatic process between the palestinians at best. >> more than a billion people in china and russia the world have celebrated the first day of the chinese new year. hong kong celebrated with a late night street party. thousands of people watched the dancers mingle with colorful floats and welcome in the year of the snake. the day began with prayers for good fortune. >> these people are queuing up to get into the temple in hong kong. in vain -- bubble is a new era of tradition or they come and give thanks for the year that was and pray for blessings of the years ahead. it is the year of the snake and it is meant to be a challenging one. >> chinese people, that is why we come here, to pray for good fortune for the rest of the year. >> for work, up more money and better health and happy life. >> this is good for kids achievement at school. we are coming to have to wish for them doing great for the next year. >> millions at home and china to spend the holidays with their families. but there are members of the chinese military you won't be celebrating at all. the navy is condu
the ministry of tourism that they contacted the relevant embassies, which includes china, japan, hungary, france, and britain, to coordinate the response and how to get the bodies back home. of course, this comes as a huge blow for the egyptian tourist -- tourism industry. one of the main sources of revenue, being one of the last areas of the country where tourists were still going to, given the fact that cairo and surrounding cities are stowe -- are so unstable politically, and also the fact that the sinai is reported to be a difficult area to navigate in various reports of kidnappings there. it comes as a blow to the egyptian economy at a time when it could ill afford an accident like this. >> syria's opposition decided it will after all attend a conference in rome to discuss the future of the country. the change of heart was prompted by the u.s.-u.k. who promised more aid. the coalition previously refused to attend in protest for what it called a world silence over the conflict. the syrian government would not be in wrong but it did say on monday it would negotiate with any group, inc
of days, but in the south and was still a few showers there and to china. some showers pushing into the far south of the country and also went to sri lanka. a chance for some drier weather coming through. a very pleasant 25 degrees celsius in doha. acrossking to about northern parts of the middle east. clouds and rain making their way area and rain for beirut. jazeera, aies on our regional government accusing the pakistan government for not protecting the people following the deaths of 84 people. a man in charge of international forces in afghanistan's as reducing civilian casualty is paramount. general dunford reacting to karzai's decision to ban the army and calling in foreign bourses to conduct air strikes in residential areas. a few minutes ago, the pope arrived for his penultimate sunday mass. it does called hundreds of thousands of people into st. peter's square. he says, i beg you to continue praying for me and the next pope. he thanked the faithful for their prayers and support. 150,000 people in vatican city today to see the pope. the chinese prime minister has demande
. at least five people have been killed opera explosion destroyed a bridge in central china. the blast was caused by a truck carrying fireworks for the chinese new year celebrations. the vehicle plunged 30 meters to the ground and 11 people were injured. thousands of cambodians are giving the final farewell to the former monarch, norodom sihanouk. the funeral procession was fit for a king. >> they came from all over cambodia in the hundreds of thousands. all to pay their last respects to king norodom sihanouk. this is a buddhist tradition for morning. as his body left the royal palace, there was a 121-gun salute. a procession of people and his body was taken through the streets of pnom penh. he lost a war when they took over in the 1970's. he sees the king as a hero and his death, the greatest loss to the country. for most cambodians, this is it. in last chance to say goodbye to their king known as the charismatic and controversial. regardless of opinion, cambodians are now taking pause to look back at the last six decades. as king, he led the country from france and his role in cambod
agreed to hold talks in china following months of heavy fighting in the north of the country. so far they have failed to reach any kind of truce. france is now one step closer to wreak -- to legalizing same-sex marriage. they voted to drop the legal language that required marriage to be between two people of the opposite sex. protests have been held in paris against the move. it will need to hit the french senate before getting through. the gay community in taiwan is pushing the government to legalize same-sex marriage, saying it could lead to a rise in a rights in asia. >> following tradition has always been important, but equally important has been the need to be open about their same-sex relationship. the clash between love and a conservative asian culture cast a shadow over the couple until last year, when there temple agreed to marry them in a buddhist ceremony. largely symbolic and not legal, it was the first ever such event allowed in taiwan. >> we are very happy to have been made -- and to have been married in such a dignified place. >> as of late, the gay and lesbian communi
in scotland to the persian gulf, and whose merchants traveled as far afield as india and china-- the culmination and the unifying of the old cultures of the mediterranean world and western europe. from that day to this, rome would be the greatest single influence on the western cultural tradition. indeed, it could be said that rome is that tradition. it's not merely that rome gave the west the latin language, roman law, roman ideas on state craft and on society. it was rome which passed on to the west the artistic, philosophical, and spiritual legacy of ancient greece, which rome had conquered, looted, and then learned from. it was rome which would be the agency of transmission to the west of an obscure, near-eastern religious cult which became the dynamic, motive force in western society and spiritual life-- christianity. but rome also gave the west a practical legacy, a legacy which western people see every day of their lives, from washington square to trafalgar square. and that legacy lies in the realm of architecture, civil engineering, building, town planning. these were t
. japan may already be arguing with china over one group a coma violence, but now it has picked another fight. -- over one group of violence. >> the weather has been very mobile across many parts of europe recently. we have seen plenty of weather systems and one of them will stick around over the next couple days, mostly this one towards the east. that will give us plenty of rainfall and a lot of snowfall through friday and into saturday as well. plenty of wintry weather in the eastern parts, and towards the west there are few clouds with rain and snow. the winter is coming down from the north, bringing slightly cooler air. looking at a top temperature in london and paris of 6 degrees. it will not feel more at all. some of the unsettled water in europe -- unsettled weather still in europe. we will still see some rain in algeria through friday. the main system edging towards the east now. a few more showers in tunisia and into the northern parts of libya and towards egypt. for most of us in egypt, through friday, it should be dry. but you will notice the wind picking up. farther east, it
? in china the police weren't very nice to them. from the stories i've heard, they're not so nice here either. that is not fair. not all policemen are alike. it's the way i feel. anyway, i better get going. see you later. - don't be late for school, henry. - am i ever late ? katherine, why isn't there any coffee ? - oh, no. the power switch must be broken again. - rosa, is jamal back there ? - he hasn't come in yet. - oh, i just remembered. jamal called last night to say he might be a little late getting in this morning. excuse me. yes ? police. what have you got there ? tools. what do you use them for ? i fix things. do you have identification, sir ? identification ? is there some problem ? - can we see identification ? - all right. my driver's license is in my wallet. i always carry it in my back pocket. it should be here. i was so tired this morning, i forgot to take it with me. our baby kept us up most of the night. - what's your name, pal ? - jamal al-jibali. where were you last night around 11:30 ? home with my wife and daughter. as i told you,
be finished. certain chemicals are banned in the european union and china, but the u.n. says it will not harm humans. russia disagrees and says it's not singling out the united states. >> [indiscernible] for two months we did our own monitoring and analysis, testing products from suppliers and producers accept for the united states america. >> this is not the first time russia has found fault with food imports. when ukraine raised russian gas prices, some of their products were not welcome on the shelves here. a similar incident happened with georgia. relations between the u.s. and russia are frosty. they became worse in u.s. citizens were denied visas. russia responded by banning u.s. couples from adopting their orphans. the ban on u.s. meat is the latest retaliation. >> russia has increasingly sent a message that it does not want american influence inside the country. it does not want america to meddle in russian affairs and it does not want to listen to america's preaching. this message is nothing new. it just has become more intense lately with more action not just rhetoric. part of four
.s., which is calling for an augmented sanctions regime, against north korea. much will also depend on china, which in recent days [indiscernible] while the u.n. security council is promising a corporate measures, in the past such efforts have not prevented north korea from pursuing its nuclear program. >> heavily-armed separatist fighters have launched a major assault on a military base in southern thailand. government troops fought off the attackers, killing 16 of them. it happened in a region that sees almost daily fighting from rebels and soldiers in bacho district of narathiwat province. greg mourad and 50 gunmen attempted to storm a marine base in southern thailand, one of the most brazen attacks by muslim separatist groups in the deep south since the movement started in 2004. using assault rifles, some of them even more body armor as the attack came in the early morning. >> things that distinguish this attack from others like it is the death toll, a large number of militants killed in this attack is unlike previous attacks. our understanding is that it's because the military was tippe
and china, there's an awful lot of people being born every day. there is room here. i think people will drift in this direction. the island is not prejudiced. in fact, i think they could not care less as long as people come in. that is what you need. >> his idea is simple -- anyone who does not want to work with sheep can collect seaweed instead. it is widely used in the cosmetics industry. he says the tourist industry could be expanded. the mayor has already brought one new family to the island, but they are scottish. both adults are employed by the local council. the mother works as a home care for the elderly while the father repairs to roads unloading supplies from ships and also works as a fireman. the family rents one of two new houses recently built by the council. >> the house you live in previously was bigger than this one? this one was a chance of a detached house. we are quite happy with it. it suits us, actually. >> most people who are interested in living here would like to buy a property, preferably one of the old forms here. the problem is that no one is selling. >>
father king john l. -- kim jong-un el. the north has told china more tests are planned. the european union has agreed to begin random dna checks on meat products to try to stop the spread of horse meat contamination. as more and more beef products are found to contain horse meat, feed processors, retailers, and government are all rejecting blame. reports on a confidence crisis for consumers. >> frank godfrey is an old fashioned a butcher's shop. >> before supermarkets, at this was where the british but the meat. -- bought their meat. what you see is what you get. >> it has become so large. it has become a massive machine. there is a lot of people in that machine. the more they squeeze, something has to give. >> in today's market, this may be the only place to find meet with absolute confidence, but it comes as -- at a higher price. >> to discover exactly how complex the modern food chain has become. selling to agents in another who sell to meet processing plants. that is before it reaches your local supermarket. it does not inspire confidence. the latest labeling scandal and the conf
kerry, who said north korea's behavior was reckless. other issues included china. they pledged to work together on the middle east. we will continue with this later in the show. first, sports. in germany's soccer, the match was a lackluster affair. the host had their best chances in the second half. the frankfurt defender managed to stop two near misses. the goalkeeper also managed a couple of spectacular saves. the dry leaves frankfurt fourth in the standings. this week's soccer action will see a battle for survival between two struggling teams. they're taking on the 16th place team. a single point separates the two sides. both the see the saturday dual as a chance to escape the fate of relegation. drastic times call for drastic measures. the training is being held in secret ahead of the big game. both sides are desperate to win to avoid relegation. >> we are excited about the game. we feel we have caught up to them. we're chasing them from behind. after the 90 minutes, we want to have pulled ahead. >> fought hard to avoid dropping to the second division. the team has lost only one ga
for several days. >> a fire at a warehouse in china's due to province has sent fireworks shooting into the air. a candle production area on the third floor. the flames had spread to the fireworks warehouse by the time firefighters arrived. no casualties were reported. the opposition in venezuela has called for greater clarification on the state of the president's health. hugo chavez has not been seen since monday and he spent 10 weeks recovering from cancer surgery. in the capital, supporters of the president have been helping regular -- holding regular candlelit vigils. the government has been vague about the details of his treatment. >> at a school in venezuela state of miranda, physical education teacher alexandra espinosa. espinosa says he was devastated. while the ailing president supporters pray for his recovery, this teacher give thanks for what he calls a gift from heaven, the real possibility that there will be new elections in weeks, not years. >> i'm thrilled because i feel the changes on the way. z's opponents were humiliated when they lost all but two of the gubernatorial seats. t
. furniture, curtains, china, linen, other things too. what other things? everything, everything you see is all mine. very well. all these things are yours, but my patent to nobility, my good name, these things at least are still mine. no, not even those. you are not a nobleman. how dare you? if you are to read this letter from the college of heralds, you'll find the family whose name you bear has been extinct for 100 years. i know there have been rumors to that effect. that's true, but i inherited my title from my father. yeah, you're right. it's true i'm not a nobleman. even that is taken from me. i can no longer wear this ring. take it. it belongs to you. good. now let's continue. you're not a colonel either. not a colonel? no, because of your name you were commissioned colonel in the american volunteers, but since the cuban war and the reorganization of the american army, all such commissions have been canceled. is that true? - you'd like to read about it? - no, there is no need. who are you that you claim the right to sit there and strip me like this? you'll, find out. and talking o
capacity of provocation. >> around 100 people are suffering from hiv and hepatitis c testing around china's ministry of health. demonstrators are demanding compensation over tainted blood transfusions in the 1990's. it affected -- it infected thousands. mexico's president says he will be working with the teachers union to improve the education system in the country. he is also promising not to interfere in the investigation against the union boss, who has been arrested and charged with embezzling $150 million from the union. >> the process that will follow is strictly legal. spotting to evidence of probable illicit movement and the concealing of resources from the national union of education workers. the resources of unions are of members, not of the directors. they should be used to the benefits of their workers. the action by the attorney general of the republic is in defense of teachers and their assets. >> she was seen as a hurdle in the president's have to education reform. as john reports, there were concerns over the timing of her arrest. >> the most powerful women in mexico has go
negotiations would be held at the end of february and involve the u.s., china, russia, britain, france, and germany. he was also open to an offer from the united states for discussions. >> we have to make sure this time, and this is very fair to make sure the other side who comes with authentic intention, with fair and real intention. >> security forces in molly say the top commander has been caught. he was captured by an armed group near the nigerian border. last week france and mullion troops -- malian troups liberated three cities. an egyptian man who appears in a video being beaten by police has security forces -- says security forces made him change his story. he is shown being stripped and bundled into of them in cairo. on sunday he appeared on egyptian television saying protesters attacked him, but now he says it is the police. more from cairo. >> this story has gripped the country for the past two days, and much of it was happening live on television. it was friday when this man who was beaten up and humiliated, drive naked under the eyes of the egyptians or saturday when he ap
and the relationships with japan and china. i think hibrals too -- they are giving her the ben hoping that she could move forward on this issue. it's a very politically i can vided for the country. >> ok. thank you very much. good to speak to you. this your watching the inauguration of them. this is the first female president of south korea. she is now going to start taking the helm there. an interesting point is the fact that she was born in north korea. analysts are -- do want to see movement towards moment liesing -- this is an august ration of the celebration of the first female president. >> presidential hopeful in kenya are preparing for the finle del televised event. i'll be discussing pornsome si, the economy and land rights. it's a country where many cast their ballots from their tribal lines. >> a voter casts his ballot for kenya's next president. it's a choice between mangos an president. >> this is a bewildering six tier election. as we enter the last week of the campaign, the candidates preparing for their last two weeks encounter. two weeks ago i think i told you about that one of the
through the centuries, and rolls through the different countries, like china and japan, and then into the united states and korea, and wherever it rolls, it collects the cultural trappings of the various traditions, so that today - we'll do a little bit of that, because we'll go to the rather austere zen center and speak to a zen teacher. we'll also go to the tibetan buddhist center, and we'll also go to - where else will we go? we're going to go to a kuralan buddhist temple, and you'll see the diversity there. so it's picked up so many elements, but in essence, whoa, what an insight, and that's what i want to go through today. chris, did you have a comment? >> i was just going to say if any of you have read dr. scott peck; the road less traveled, and then i read that first, and then i read some more - i read the buddhist - basically, the buddhist bible, and then houston smith's - version of what buddhism is, and it sounds a lot like - and i think dr. scott peck saw - if you're ever watching him on tv and you've seen these segments, it seems like he picked up a lot from
a close eye on that one. china, the weather is looking dry and fine. vietnam should be fine. myanmar about 36 degrees. across asia we should cn improvement in the weather. we had some unseasonal rain the but last -- in the last two days. still some parts of rain in time of not it -- tamil nadu. rest of the region is looking drive. -- the rest of the region is looking drive. -- dry. >> you are with the al jazeera newshour. protests taking place across pakistan after the killing of members of the shia community. the attack claimed more than 80 lives. protesters have given authorities 48 hours to catch the attackers. ecuador's president rafael correa has attached -- secured a third term, declaring victory in the presidential elections. early results gave him 57% of the vote. conservative islamic opposition group has called for more protests in bangladesh in response to a government decision to amend the war crimes law to allow prosecutors to appeal a life sentence handed down to an opposition leader. you meet white house memos reveal plans to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. it
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)